Jackie (missgogh) wrote,

reasons why i need a change...

first, i think that i'm getting dumber just being here bc so many ppl are so stupid. second, i want more time off. third, i was already saying on saturday afternoon that i'm dreading work on monday. fourth, my goals and objectives are constantly changing and then changing back so i never really "accomplish" anything bc i'm always in flux btw the 17 million different things that i'm being told to do. fifth, i was to be doing a small component of develpoment work and mostly public affairs and yet all i seem to do is worry about fundraising and global partners (not on my JD), marketing (not on my JD) and the website (not on my JD). and sixth, i can't make a single decision for myself. i was told that i would have total control over the public affairs planning and it turns out i have absolutely none. i can't agree to anything, sign anything, aprove anything without the entire fucking organizations' consent.  i am so fucking fed up that i just want to quit now. god, why can't i just live with chris??????
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