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i love...

* Chicago with my man
* surgery next Tuesday
* starting Starbucks on the 13th
* FAFSA--who just got approved for 18,500 in loans? oh, yes, that's right, i did
* NJCLASS because those sassy bastards approved me for another 9,000 in loans
* only spending $51 at shoprite but coming home with enough stuff to make meals for over a week
* soy lattes
* www.withourhands.etsy.com
* my grandpa
*planning the cross country trip of summer 2007.  who needs green tortoise when you've got blue saturn and a tent !!!

i loathe...
* my current employment
* bills
* the third sinus infection in four months
* the not so fabulous sex drive
*the tooth ache i'm pretending isn't there

I'm scared about...
* money
* going back to grad school
* writing and "creating"
* juda not letting me redo my ind study and then having to get straight A's in the other 4 classes in order to graduate

I'm anxious about...
* getting everything done here when i'm off somewhere else mentally
* juggling starbucks, the ind. study with juda (crosses fingers) and work without work knowing about the other two
* finishing the ma, starting and finishing the mat and still having a life of my own where i'm not dependant on my folks
* commuting and not getting sucked into moving...i wish my lease started and ending in the summer months so that if i wanted to move i wouldnt be doing it in busiest time of the semester.

I'm pleasantly surprised about...
* seeing my mom and gma tonight
* being so excited to go back to tcnj

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