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Musings of a muse
what I just said 
2nd-Aug-2006 02:18 am - dixie chicks were aaaammmmaaazing
tattoo #3
dixie chicks were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, one of the best concerts i've ever been too. i'll post more later bc i should prolly go to sleep. bye all! meg c u manana?
2nd-Aug-2006 02:12 am - loooove these
tattoo #3
age that you first...

Fell in love: for real, 21 . i thought i was at 18 thou. silly girl.
Lost your virginity: 18
Lost someone close to you: 22
Drank alcohol: 14
Smoked weed: 15
Got your heart broken: 18
Got arrested: --
Smoked a cigarette: 11...12...???
Broken a bone: 3
Got cheated on: 14
Rode the city bus: 21
Went to a concert: 5
Met someone famous: ummmm, i dont know...
Dyed your hair: 12
Got your first cell phone: 17
Got a Myspace: --
Snuck out of the house: --
Got your own digital camera: --
First time you got drunk: 17
Read Harry Potter: --
Travelled across the ocean: 19
Wore a toga: 3
Travelled out of state/country: 1
Shopped at Abercrombie/M&S: --
Went to Disney World: 6
Went on a date: 14
Saw a Broadway/West End play: 13
How old are you now: 23
1st-Aug-2006 01:42 pm
tattoo #3
can someone explain paypal to me? i'm soooooo out of the loop. and did anyone read te cover article in the NYT magazine this weekend???? because i'd love to talk about it if you did. :o)
31st-Jul-2006 06:47 pm - starting to feel better
ani GC
i think i'm seeing the light at the end of my light headed tunnel. pun intended. i made it thru a whole day of work and i still feel pretty good. i might even go home tonight and start working on the zine or start a new artsy project to add to the collection. i want to be able to post to esty by the end of september. hopefully when i'm home for the surgery i can study for the praxis and make some stuff. ok kids, off to plot a meal that wont make me hurl and call dia and nina beana to get stuff together for the dixies tomorrow.
28th-Jul-2006 01:14 pm - still feeling like crap
tattoo #3
i'm really fed up with my body. enough! feel fucking better already!

26th-Jul-2006 03:29 pm - so sick
tattoo #3
chills, throwing up, light headed as all get out. what is going on? i felt fine and then all of a sudden--BAM! someone help me. i seriously don't think i can even drive home from work. i am so dizzy. oh my god.
9th-Jun-2006 05:28 pm - a post from a new state--michigan
tattoo #3
ok it pisses me off when people who are supposed to be your friends totally blow you off because they are just snotty and uppity and spoiled. and frankly it just pisses me off, ESPECIALLY when you have been friends forever. and not, well, you arent. boo to that.
1st-Jun-2006 10:22 pm - support a group for its politics?
tattoo #3
ok, i'm not really a fan of country music because most of wht i've heard was way too patriotic and anti-feminist and just crappy. but one day in college a professor of mine were having lunch at a diner with jukeboxes (i'm from NJ so we still have those!) and she played the song "Goodbye Earl" by The Dixie Chicks. I like the song and there you have it.

fast forward a few years to the whole "Texans hate Bush" while in France and then the naked cover of Time. very cool and i thought "righteous." i think i even sent them a letter saying that while i had never listened to them before but i would bc i believe in what they said.

so today i finally keep my end of the bargain and buy their newest cd in best buy. can we say "whoa" i was totally shocked, it was really really good. i didnt finish it because i forgot it in my car and its fucking pouring cats and dogs out so i'm not going back for it but i will finish it tomorrow.

ok so i'm exhausted and sick therefore this will end abuptly--thoughts?

i say go buy the fucking thing bc even if you hate it you are supporting someone who is/was taking a lot of crap for openly criticizing the assshole in chief and they desevre all the new fans that they lost from idiots who like bush.

omigawd i'm rambling and my head is fucking KILLING me. go buy the cd to support the bush-haters. and if you aren't a bush-hater yourself, feel free to remove me from your friends list because YOU SUCK!

ok to bed i stumble
1st-Jun-2006 10:06 pm - hahahahahahahahahahaha
tattoo #3
You Are 99% New Jersey!

Wow, you're totally Jersey. There's no doubt about it. Congratulations, and always be proud to be Jersey--it's a great thing to be!

How New Jersey Are You?

1st-Jun-2006 10:35 am - stolen from jon
tattoo #3
Ten years ago...

1) How old were you?
THEN: 13
NOW: 23

2) Where did you work?
THEN: I don't think I was working yet as anything other than a live-in babysitter, dinner cooker, clothes washer...sigh I am so happy to be out of that house
NOW: Public Affairs and Development Associate, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan New Jersey

3) Where did you live?
THEN: Ruffway! Mom, dad, and umpa
NOW: Bloomfield in the sofa-less apartment with Mez.

4) How was your hair style
THEN: DIY "skunking" streaks a la James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins. Shoulder length and probably frizzy.
NOW: still streaked but now its trendy and we call it 'highlights and lowlights,' still shoulder length, still kinda frizzy

5) Did you wear contacts
THEN: Yuppers

6) Did you wear glasses?
THEN: no, thank god!
NOW: ditto

7) Who was your best friend?
THEN: Either Meg Mac or Tim Stoner (and yes, believe it or not, that was his real name)
NOW: Still Meg Mac and Nicole Calvano

8) Which of your pets were still alive?
THEN: Goldie, the GOLD fish---I was very creative, I dreamt that I was supposed to have her and name her as such
NOW: nada

9) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?
THEN: single and probably beginning to realize i had a huge craush on my BFF Tim
NOW: Christopherson, mi amor

10) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: Billy Corgan
NOW: Angelina Jolie

11) Who was your regular-person crush?
THEN: see above--Mrs. Jackie Stoner, Mrs. Stoner, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stoner (I wasn't slapped into the reality of that statement by annie bardazzi for a few more years til i realized how fucked up it was)
NOW: I'm a cheese ball, my real person crush is Chris. (you can stop gagging now!)

12) How many piercings did you have?
NOW: 9

13) How many tattoos did you have?
NOW: 3

14) What was your favorite band/singer?
THEN: Smashing Pumpkins, hands down obcessed
NOW: I'll give you all a treat if you guess correctly. here's a hint--A_i _i__a__o

15) Had you ever smoked a cigarette?
THEN: Yes.
NOW: Yes.

16) Had you ever gotten drunk?
THEN: Tipsy--i used to make myself screwdrivers after school. i dont really know why i thought that was a good idea but i did. and then i got busted when the vodka bottle was full of water. opps!
NOW: Yes

17) What kind of car did you drive?
THEN: None
NOW: 2004 Saturn Ion

18) What was your weight
THEN: I was pretty trim then--165 lbs on my 5'10 frame looked good. and perhaps if i didn't dress like a boy i would have gotten more dates
NOW: i am not inclined to say. so there!

19) What was your favorite TV show?
THEN: ummm, my so-called life. is that cliche?
NOW: SitC or any of the Law and Orders (da dum, dadadada dum...)

20) Were you using the internet?
THEN: i don't remember...maybe?
NOW: oh yeah

thanks jon! i just wasted like 20 minutes! yay! LOL
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