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it is like because i know i'll be leaving, i don't give a crap. i have a 5 o'clock deadline that i'm not even close to completeing and i'm just goofing around online allllll freaking day. when i'm out to lunch, i go to fucking france. LOL

so i have an interview friday at noon (lunch hour!) at the starbucks in montclair near the whole foods. hopefully they will love me and hire me to start Monday Sept. 11th.  Whoa, erie date...Sept. 12th?

Anyway, I unfortunately needed to reschedule my surgery bc my doc is anything but McDreamy and is a freaking tool.  So now its Monday Sept. 5th, throwing a big ol' wrench into my plans for starting at Starbucks, hence the later date than I originally wanted.

Tonight I must do the dreaded FAFSA and talk with my mom about money and work and negotiation stuff bc lord knows I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.  And I must start crafting for Etsy. www.withourhands.etsy.com

Ok, I'm off to do something here and day dream about subbing and lattes and term papers, oh my!  Dude I am far too excited to be going back to school and being poor again.  Everyone send a little message to the gods and goddesses that my loving pimp, Sallie Mae, will give me a buttload of money in loans so that I don't have to worry as much.  That, and that undergraduate art classes count towards my enrollment. 

Hey does anyone know why when you change your icon its retroactive?
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